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User Profile Link : Mike Stuchbery💀🍷
Mike Stuchbery💀🍷

Can someone explain to me why there were kids getting handcuffed yesterday in London for the climate strike, yet th… https://t.co/opERWQmDVc

User Profile Link : Galatasaray SK
Galatasaray SK

#YellowRedDay kampanyası devam ediyor Detaylar 👉 https://t.co/BciylSoDlm https://t.co/0U9mAMrhva

User Profile Link : Peter Jukes
Peter Jukes

They’re just upper class versions of the Yellow Shirts. Boris Johnson mocks Muslim women. Rod Liddle eggs him on to… https://t.co/sE1PAUcOrk

mal ashy

RT @FaithGoldy: This is exactly what happened w the French Yellow Vest movement. We were told it was all about “fuel prices” & were expecte…

User Profile Link : 노른자

@always_null 객관적이신분

User Profile Link : Sarah Arwen🦋🌲✨
Sarah Arwen🦋🌲✨

Like the reason the color yellow / mustard is so popular right now is because as a generation, sunshine is somethin… https://t.co/KZtaE0tSNB

User Profile Link : Chorley Football Club
Chorley Football Club

21 | Cottrell sees yellow for a challenge from behind on Bobby Johnson - Jordan Sinnett fires the free kick at goal… https://t.co/Qnamv2qSkg

User Profile Link : Sheppard&Associates

RT @mansfieldsshoes: Ooohhhhh colour! We can’t wait for spring to start arriving next week! We are talking #shoes. Not #ottweather 😂 Lookin…

User Profile Link : The Stags Voice
The Stags Voice

20’ The Larkhall keeper has some out a long way and handled outside his area, only a yellow card for the keeper though.. 0-0


RT @AOMX_1003: Yellow @IcePariss #9x9ThailandTourChiangmai https://t.co/dc7BR0FqY6

User Profile Link : ᗰᑌᑎEEᗷ (Karachi kings💙)
ᗰᑌᑎEEᗷ (Karachi kings💙)

Drop a yellow heart’💛’and I’ll reply with letters of how i feel about you. https://t.co/dadqaeTl4b


@xg5fnm 目くりくりかわよね〜 もう可愛すぎてクリトリス((

User Profile Link : 💛

Jungkook = Yellow Yellow = Happiness Happiness = Jungkook https://t.co/LVGlfda8PO

ゆ に 💎

明日はザンビだからぺーちゃん推しの子と早上がりして🍜食べに来た🥺(明日絶対むくむ)GREENはチケットあるけどYELLOW当日券とれるといいなあ https://t.co/u6hmus2XGf

komaeda oniichan

Noses are green yellow orange blossoms are orange sugar is sweet and so on

User Profile Link : Tara. 2O%
Tara. 2O%

• Fildzatara Waradhana / Tara • January 1, 1995 • Graduated from UNCLA bachelor of Arts (Broadcasting & Filming)… https://t.co/7t8nBLp0W0

User Profile Link : Josephine 🌹❤️
Josephine 🌹❤️

RT @anarchosocial: I like the idea of a mass general strike but we don't need yellow vests. Everyone in France already had them, which is w…


RT @buzzman888: Yellow Vest Protests Paris France: Week 14 Patriots united, prayers for their safety. #Cody45🐯 https://t.co/uVdIP6x9sx

Rebecca Wilson

RT @joanieclothing: WIN! Join the Avid Readers Club with our Bronte Sweatshirt! Follow + RT to enter! Shop the Bronte Sweatshirt: https://…

User Profile Link : Oldham Athletic AFC
Oldham Athletic AFC

21' YELLOW: Ray booked for blocking off Baxter, dangerous position for Latics 0-0 #oafc

User Profile Link : Paul Otto Schenker
Paul Otto Schenker

RT @buzzman888: Paris France Yellow Vest protests resume for the 14th week. Protesters walk through the streets of the Capital. #Cody4…

User Profile Link : William George
William George

#OccupyTheNEEDAct Without this Man Is Doomed@jenjin_off: 📹MULTIPLEX LIVE GILETS JAUNES / YELLOW VEST PROTEST #Sa… https://t.co/H9vgOR0fBy


@kolilith やって。義務でしょ! 四象イベの時にやればいいんで大丈夫ですよ(なお最近終わった模様) キャラの右上か左上に指輪のアイコン出るんで独占欲高杉君ならぜひおすすめしたい。


my yellow heart, full and happy 💛 permanent na sana ang happiness na ito ☝🏼


RT @covermejumpsuit: a girl in starbucks wrote ||-// on our drinks and was wearing a yellow ring but had no ticket to go to tøp, a girl in…

User Profile Link : ⋆͛愛奈⚜️センラ疾患⋆͛@Next↪︎春ツ

@_shima_yuki 拡散ありがとうぅぅぅう♡♡ めっちゃ嬉しい(*´`)

User Profile Link : Garforth Town AFC
Garforth Town AFC

Beaston argues and gets a yellow card. Looked a clear penalty from here though.

🍀시켜줘 방탄 명예소방관🍀

RT @eunning2ee: 💜호석이 생일 알티 이벵💜 오로지 🔥RT🔥 제꺼 시키면서 하는거라 재배송으로 드려요! 의미없는 일회성 팔로 안받아요🙅🏻‍♀️(블블) 당첨자는 18일 호석시에 뽑을게요🎉🎉 #호석생일ㅊㅋ #HappyJHOPEday…


RT @Vivian_DsenaWeb: Our Vivo in Yellow 😍😍😍😍 Heart beats Up & Down ! 💓💓💓💓 #VivianDsena #ShaktiInSingapore #HaYaInSingapore @VivianDsena01…


i asked my dumb ass high friends for a playlist name and this is what i got •sushi burrito •yellow brick road •i wi… https://t.co/KySEfbYNiI

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