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8/31/2017 - narcisistas Blue bless you everyone and welcome to another dumb ass episode of the Narcisistas podcast!! It’s our beautiful baby angel Wil’s birthday!! All she wants for her birthday is a hunk of cheese in the tub! We talking birthdays and birfdays. We can all agree the only way to have a good birthday is sucking on a strippers titty in the club or a snow bunny themed surprise drag performance. Its one of the two! We can also agree that getting older is terrible but not as terrible as Patrick Schroeder of The Good, The Dad and The Ugly Podcast who is in fact a shady trifling ass bitch! Rate, review, subscribe and worship us! Also you better send Wil some birthday love and listen to BDAY on repeat cause it’s Virgo season y’all!

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7/4/2018 -

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