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1/1/0001 - Popular Religion and Shamanism addresses two areas of religion within Chinese society; the lay teachings that Chinese scholars term folk or “popular” religion, and shamanism. Each area represents a distinct tradition of scholarship, and the book is therefore split into two parts. Part I: Popular Religion discusses the evolution of organized lay movements over an arc of ten centuries. Its eight chapters focus on three key points: the arrival and integration of new ideas before the Song dynasty, the coalescence of an intellectual and scriptural tradition during the Ming, and the efflorescence of new organizations during the late Qing. Part II: Shamanism reflects the revived interest of scholars in traditional beliefs and culture that reemerged with the “open” policy in China that occurred in the 1970s. Two of the essays included in this section address shamanism in northeast China where the traditions played an important role in the cultures of the Manchu, Mongol, Sibe, Daur, Oroqen, Eve

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1/1/0001 - Popular sovereignty is a doctrine rooted in the belief that each citizen has sovereignty over themselves. Citizens may unite and offer to delegate a portion of their sovereign powers and duties to those who wish to serve as officers of the state, contingent on the officers agreeing to serve according to the will of the people. In the United States, the term has been used to express this concept in constitutional law. It was also used during the 19th century in reference to a proposed solution to the debate over the expansion of slavery. The proposal would have given the power to determine the legality of slavery to the inhabitants of the territory seeking statehood, rather than to Congress.

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7/2/2018 - Expect some fireworks on your dating profile next week. Match.com projects that the Sunday after the Fourth of July will be online dating’s hottest day of the...

4/14/2018 - This Popular Viral Meme Has Actually Been Around for Nearly a Century Sοmе jokes аrе timeless. Thаt’s сеrtаіnƖу thе case wіth thіѕ meme — οftеn referred tο аѕ “hοw уου rесkοn уου look vs. hοw уου really look” οr “whаt уου rесkοn уου look Ɩіkе vs. whаt уου really look Ɩіkе.” Recently, thе construction trended virally, wіth internet users sharing photos οf themselves аt thеіr finest compared tο photos οf less-thаn-ideal appearances. Bυt аѕ іt turns out, thе self-importance іѕ nοt anything nеw. In fact, аѕ Twitter uncovered over thе weekend, уου саn trace thіѕ comparison joke аƖƖ thе way back

<b>This</b> untitled film is the first-time collaboration of Nani and Vikram K Kumar. - THIS <b>popular</b> South Indian actor to play the antagonist in Nani-Vikram K Kumar film? Read on - Bollywoodlife.com
12/6/2018 - This untitled film is the first-time collaboration of Nani and Vikram K Kumar. - THIS popular South Indian actor to play the antagonist in Nani-Vikram K Kumar film? Read on - Bollywoodlife.com

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6/20/2018 - Beauty ideals vary drastically by nation, but physical standards within a specific country can also differ just as much as they do across the globe.

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