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1/1/0001 - Popular Religion and Shamanism addresses two areas of religion within Chinese society; the lay teachings that Chinese scholars term folk or “popular” religion, and shamanism. Each area represents a distinct tradition of scholarship, and the book is therefore split into two parts. Part I: Popular Religion discusses the evolution of organized lay movements over an arc of ten centuries. Its eight chapters focus on three key points: the arrival and integration of new ideas before the Song dynasty, the coalescence of an intellectual and scriptural tradition during the Ming, and the efflorescence of new organizations during the late Qing. Part II: Shamanism reflects the revived interest of scholars in traditional beliefs and culture that reemerged with the “open” policy in China that occurred in the 1970s. Two of the essays included in this section address shamanism in northeast China where the traditions played an important role in the cultures of the Manchu, Mongol, Sibe, Daur, Oroqen, Eve

1/1/0001 - Popular sovereignty is a doctrine rooted in the belief that each citizen has sovereignty over themselves. Citizens may unite and offer to delegate a portion of their sovereign powers and duties to those who wish to serve as officers of the state, contingent on the officers agreeing to serve according to the will of the people. In the United States, the term has been used to express this concept in constitutional law. It was also used during the 19th century in reference to a proposed solution to the debate over the expansion of slavery. The proposal would have given the power to determine the legality of slavery to the inhabitants of the territory seeking statehood, rather than to Congress.

7/2/2018 - It's no secret that Juul has dominated the e-cigarette market over the past year, but just how much it has dominated is eye-popping.

Firefox is available in <b>over</b> 90 languages, giving millions of people around the world access to the web in words they understand. Our community of translators and localizers do this ...
7/16/2018 - Firefox is available in over 90 languages, giving millions of people around the world access to the web in words they understand. Our community of translators and localizers do this ...

1/1/0001 - Popular Woodworking | Providing resources, projects and advice for woodworkers for over 30 years.

7/5/2018 - Destiny and m0E received 30-day bans for their homophobic, violent, ableist and racist language on their streams.

The <b>POPULAR</b> Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension Stylish, which has <b>over</b> 1.8million users, is secretly spying on your every online move.
7/5/2018 - The POPULAR Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension Stylish, which has over 1.8million users, is secretly spying on your every online move.

7/6/2018 - With more and more web audience switching towards the use of mobile, internet has evolved a lot. Though websites will always dominate the web, not far are the days when mobile will turn out to be the greatest medium for internet browsing and usage. Over the years, mobile applications and software has gained a tremendous […] The post 10 Popular Mobile Hybrid Apps Frameworks for 2018 appeared first on Web Development & Technology Resources.

1/1/0001 - It was a sensational weekend for the English/Italian little blonde dream girl, Angelica, as her story was released to the public for the first time. With over one thousand combined Facebook likes and dozens of shares in just a couple of days, over the var

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