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1/1/0001 - Sentence can change in to different meaning when a full stop is missing. Related

From Knickers the big cow to a whispered ‘G’day’, we shared some beauties. Privilege!

9/11/2018 - Memes are ideas, behaviors, actions, attitudes, or mannerism that are passed from one person to another in the hopes of spreading a specific or recurring idea, subject, or moment. The word meme was originally designated by Richard Dawkins in the 1976 book The Selfish Gene. In the book, Dawkins used the word meme in an attempt at describing how cultural information spreads. Because you're reading this online, let's talk about the best memes of all: internet memes, a.k.a. memes. Thanks to the instant and widespread communication abilities of the modern internet, internet culture has embraced memes which can range from anything such as a simple catchphrase to a GIF, reaction, video, or photo. Recent popular memes include Blinking White Guy, Harlem Shake, Roll Safe, Distracted Boyfriend, Delete Your Account, Milkshake Duck, Emoji Sheriff, Harambe, Babadook, and Spongebob. Internet memes were first coined by Mike Goodwin in the June 1993 article issue of Wired.

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The online joke cycle moves too fast now for e-commerce businesses to keep up.
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