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Hamid Mir

A crises created new relationship between Sikhs and Kashmiris.A Kashmiri Dental Surgeon announced month long free m… https://t.co/9G8OL1aPTG

User Profile Link : Dolphin Project
Dolphin Project

Today was a brutal day for Risso's dolphins passing by Taiji. Thank you to everyone who helped share the news and l… https://t.co/4trukFAo8A

User Profile Link : CBS Evening News
CBS Evening News

U.S. Army veteran Christy Gardner lost her legs after an attack overseas; she says her dog, Moxie, helped her durin… https://t.co/AngSMG3PqC

User Profile Link : NWS Phoenix
NWS Phoenix

@DrOakley1689 The good news is that the drought condition shave been improving greatly since Oct and every storm has helped.

भारतीय राष्ट्रवादी

@ajju_tweets @AladinKiMaa @StateBankofPK I am glad that I participated too😂😂. Plz follow them( parody accounts) the… https://t.co/FQRkMp1FZA

Asghar Afghan

RT @ACBofficials: A world record total of 278/3 fueled by ٬@zazai_3’s staggering knock of 162 runs off just 62 balls and ٬@rashidkhan_19 's…

User Profile Link : Emerald Kingdom
Emerald Kingdom

RT @WayneDavid81: As an 18 year old #QueerAsFolk changed my perception of gay people, introduced me to the idea of a ‘community’ of LGBT pe…

🌎 Sarwar 🌐

Fort Russ News #Russia helped save #Syria, and now Moscow will save #Venezuela from imperialists https://t.co/IBlJ8EMHeU

User Profile Link : Learning Headphones®
Learning Headphones®

RT @arvrhealth: How augmented reality helped VCU Health surgeons save a college student’s life https://t.co/6cJQuYsg4p #AR #AugmentedRealit…

First Earl

RT @D_empiricist: @iam_Davido actually helped to make sure that almost everyone's news, observations and eye-witnessed events from the Elec…


RT @MarkAmesExiled: Somehow I missed this story about the BBC man who secretly helped overthrow Kyrgyzstan’s government in 2010–which left…

Susmita Kar

Take a look at these search results: https://t.co/9JDLa8PqEz

Oluwafemi David Jegede

RT @2blessedfemo: For those that have helped to keep Buhari on govt.... Good news is that you are going no where, we will suffer together

User Profile Link : Jetmir Ahmeti
Jetmir Ahmeti

If you want to win the day, you must first prime yourself for success the night before, according to these leading… https://t.co/v2NWnMDSKr

User Profile Link : The Chronicle
The Chronicle

How Grant Leadbitter has helped improve #SAFCs culture of success since his arrival https://t.co/Gws4VEDCdB

User Profile Link : WSAW

Two women, now former employees of Green Bay Correctional Institute, are facing charges -- after investigators say… https://t.co/Z27Nwr4C7V

User Profile Link : ARVRhealth.com

How augmented reality helped VCU Health surgeons save a college student’s life https://t.co/6cJQuYsg4p #AR #AugmentedReality #Surgeons

User Profile Link : Oskar Almazan
Oskar Almazan

#Innovación: How Ending Behavior Rewards Helped One School Focus on Student Motivation and Character | MindShift |… https://t.co/8YZm4v50fz

Stuart Tomlinson

RT @simonahac: ...and less than a week later the prime minister turned up and announced a $10m grant. (thing is, the local member @MakeMay…

Joel Burgess

@BuyMeABurrito Hey, Jason. We'll report the best information we've got, I promise. That's what helped us break this… https://t.co/GExCKZqiYx

tim duffy

@_waleedshahid @SenFeinstein @sunrisemvmt @AOC @SenMarkey Nearly everybody sees right through Wally... He was Cynth… https://t.co/5rntpXirL6

User Profile Link : Abdulmarof Hamidzay
Abdulmarof Hamidzay

RT @ACBofficials: A world record total of 278/3 fueled by ٬@zazai_3’s staggering knock of 162 runs off just 62 balls and ٬@rashidkhan_19 's…

🇳🇬 Uncle Yemmie ✳️

RT @D_empiricist: @iam_Davido actually helped to make sure that almost everyone's news, observations and eye-witnessed events from the Elec…

User Profile Link : Alabama NAACP
Alabama NAACP

A #BlackHistoryMonth moment worth sharing - How W.E.B. Du Bois Helped Create the @NAACP. https://t.co/azWjns1RkJ

User Profile Link : hypervocal

Offshore cash helped fund Steve Bannon's attacks on Hillary Clinton https://t.co/fvmawT3DKm https://t.co/z91dRjMK5h

Devendra Tiwari

RT @ModifiedSKP: Our Swayamsevak, Sri Uday Ji from Yelahanka, Bengaluru has been able to coordinate and save one of the pilots injured in a…

Shabbir Alam APNRT

RT @Shehla_Rashid: "At first they wanted Kashmiri students out. When they found out the Dean was Kashmiri too, the mob started to get out o…

adam michael

RT @audubonsociety: If you build it, they will come (back): this is how spectrograms, birdsong, and the restoration of a 560-acre refuge he…

Boleslaw Bierut

RT @ashnagesh: Juan Guaidó turned up at #VenezuelaAidLive (Richard Branson's concert) in Cúcuta, Colombia, despite there being a ban on him…

John Chum

RT @DailyMirror: How bloody footprint helped catch teen killer who raped and murdered girl, 14 https://t.co/D363Ja2bHO https://t.co/Fh6DB7K…

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