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The Official YouTube Channel of <b>Ashlee</b> Nova.
1/1/0001 - The Official YouTube Channel of Ashlee Nova.

9/16/2018 - Ashlee Simpson - all the latest news, features and information on Ashlee Simpson from Monsters and Critics

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<b>Ashlee</b> joined NewCities in 2018 as the Senior Communications and Media Relations Manager. <b>Ashlee</b> has strong international expertise, having held strategic roles in the urban development, healthcare and mining sectors in the UK and Australia. <b>Ashlee</b> is passionate about people working together to share learning, create new ideas and drive impact.
9/18/2018 - Ashlee joined NewCities in 2018 as the Senior Communications and Media Relations Manager. Ashlee has strong international expertise, having held strategic roles in the urban development, healthcare and mining sectors in the UK and Australia. Ashlee is passionate about people working together to share learning, create new ideas and drive impact.

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