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1/1/0001 - Major success in a minor key TweetThis story about Merge Records was published at Business North Carolina magazine in July 2011. I’m reposting it on my blog in celebration the label’s 25th Anniversary. The photo comes from the cover of the Merge Records book Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records. It was shot by the excellent live-music photographer Brian Vetter. Happy 25th, Merge!…

1/1/0001 - Business North is a leaders' network representing the voice of business in the north of England on issues of economic growth.

1/1/0001 - We’re all about Business on the North Shore We connect local businesses to share knowledge and ideas + collaborate and showcase their business. Business North Shore is based in Sydney’s lower north… read more →

1/1/0001 - Sally Higgins and Ray Owens were named to Business North Carolina's Legal Elite 2018 for Litigation.  Both are honored to be included among the state's most distinguished lawyers. Business North Carolina magazine's Legal Elite lists the state’s top lawyers in business-related categories. All members of the North Carolina State Bar who reside in North Carolina are asked,

1/1/0001 - Business North Harbour's response to NZ Herald Article (29.5.18) 'Goff's $26b 10-year budget' article Business North Harbour acknowledges the Mayor’s announcement today that it is Auckland Council’s intent to resume the reduction of business’s share of general rates to 32.4% from 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019 financial year .  By Council’s own reckoning, the fair and equitable share of general rates that businesses should pay is 25.8%. Even with today’s announcement this leaves a considerable gap before business’s contribution to the rates pool is aligned with council’s own goal. However Business North Harbour is satisfied that there have been no further delays to the commitment outlined in the Draft Auckland Budget 2018-28, to recommence the reduction of business’s inflated contribution by 0.01% per year until the goal of 25.8% is reached. Business North Harbour sought in their submissions over the past two years for the realignment of business’s share of the general rates collection. On

9/5/2018 - 5 September, 2018 - Head SME Business North - MNC Bank - div div div ul li p Brilliant chance to be a part of the world's leading MNC bank /p /li li p Brilliant team leading role /p /li /ul

7/19/2016 - A new regional business group, Exclusive Business NE has secured a £25,000 loan via the Finance for Business North East Microloan Fund. The regional loan scheme managed by Rivers Capital Partners enables small businesses to fund their big ideas and achieve their aspirations for growth.

1/1/0001 - Back for a second time we will be exhibiting at Business North West being held on 17th & 18th April 2012 at Manchester Central. We’ll be on stand 33

5/4/2016 - Since 2002, Business North Carolina magazine has honored Tar Heel lawyers by publishing Business North Carolina's Legal Elite,

1/1/0001 - On October 3-4, 2017, Glianny Fagundo will be speaking and mentoring women entrepreneurs on HR and Immigration law at the Technology Association of Georgia’s “2017 Women in Business North America Summit.”

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