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7/14/2018 - As much as i like my pictures I can not capture the beauty of this case.This is such a cute case to throw in your purse. It can hold pills,mints, gum or even bobby pins Both sides of this Gold case is accented with white/Gold AB round beads and clear pointed back rhinestones. This

1/1/0001 - @litcosmetics- Glitters in ABBA & Angel EYES @anastasiabeverlyhills- Artist Palette ( Dusty Rose & Aubergine) @colourpopcosmetics- Bubbly

7/29/2018 - 4.75 USDWinterberry Sparkle / Pink, Gold Ornate Trim, Ribbon, Sari Border / India, 1 1/8" x 1" / Valentine's Day Decorating, Sewing, Craft SuppliesI confess that I've been hoarding this one, I love the color so much. But we all need a little cheer in the midst of this cold winter, so I'm sharing what cheer I have. The color of this trim is so divine! Delicious raspberry pink, with magenta and bright pink leaves outlined in gold, all in a repeating pattern. Traditionally used as Sari borders, but the adornment possibilities are endless! Tablecloth borders, pillowcase borders, jeans trim, belt, jacket trim.....get inspired and create!1 1/8" wide x 1 yard. If you order multiple yards, it will come in one long piece.This beautifully embroidered trim comes from India. I hand-select these beautiful trims from a huge storehouse in India, where there are 7 stories of trim from floor to ceiling. I'm like a kid in a candy shop over these beauties- the colors are overwhelming! When I firs

Repost! These beauties at prom! ❤️?✨ Stunning? (at OC <b>Sparkle</b>)

Find and save ideas about The <b>sparkle</b> on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Different kinds of cakes, Wedding favours canada and Eye for <b>beauty</b>.
1/1/0001 - Find and save ideas about The sparkle on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Different kinds of cakes, Wedding favours canada and Eye for beauty.

1/1/0001 - Opera beauty Katherine sparkles at diamond launch With her model good looks, floor-length black gown, and perfect hair, talented mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins made Oscar-style elegance and glamour

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