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11/29/2018 - Sothink Do you lack vector materials while designing? Do you need even more vectors for a perfect work? Here comes the highlight—you can have free pack of more than 1000 vectors for just a retweet on Twitter! That’s not joking! That’s an absolute bonus for every designer! We are very glad to announce the Twitter Retweet Campaign for Sothink SWF Decompiler . To express our warm thanks to all users, we offer Free Pack of 1000+ Vectors to enrich your vector collection and help you develop a website more efficiently. To help more users to participate in this activity, we provide two ways; you can choose any way you like: 1. Visit our

Maggie is retweeted by a celebrity; Stan makes a terrible discovery.
7/2/2018 - Maggie is retweeted by a celebrity; Stan makes a terrible discovery.

1/1/0001 - Retweet definition, to share or forward (someone else's message) on the Twitter website. See more.

5/7/2016 - 1 Comment At first, glance calling their new Battlefield game Battlefield 1 suggests EA doesn’t understand how to number their games correctly. In actual fact, Battlefield 1 breaks ranks with so many ‘historical’ first person shooters by setting it in World War One (hence the 1 in the title) rather than the overused WWII; [embedyt][/embedyt] The […]

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11/9/2018 - 6 Comments In February, Twitter eclipsed the 50 million tweets-per-day-mark or a mind-numbing 600 tweets per second. Facebook’s even higher at 700 posts per second. For those on the receiving end, that’s a lot of network noise to filter through to find value. On the flip side, the job of reaching folks is even harder when you… © 2000-2018 Thunder Data Systems, Inc.

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6/30/2018 - on January 10, 2011 It’s all a question of influence intensity. Of course Ashton Kutcher can influence more people than I can–he has about 2,500 times as many Twitter followers. But I have more influence over my average follower than he has over his. The average Ashton Kutcher tweet generates 12,500 clicks on–that’s quite a bit of influence. […] Posted in

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