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User Profile Link : Fred Guttenberg
Fred Guttenberg

On the day I buried Jaime, our President blamed her murder on Russia. On day we dealt with the reality that it is… https://t.co/0o350PrtZc

Hamid Mir

“Don’t blame only Pakistan because local people are joining Kashmiri militants gun is not the solution talk to them… https://t.co/EdJ6etjJ8M

User Profile Link : Rahul Roushan
Rahul Roushan

A random guy from Bihar is feeling one with Islamists of Kashmir. If you think Kashmir is just a geopolitical probl… https://t.co/EQVDzVRpsN


RT @catholicmystic: This era of reality tv was unmatched https://t.co/Qm9VO3E2BA


RT @FOPfquDVZPB5Gi1: 今日のリリエルもかわえ~のう(*≧з≦)そしてリリエル株式会社の仕事の内容(リリエルの動画を暇さえあればみること)が増えたから頑張んないとo(`^´*) #リリエル親衛隊 #REALITYAvatar #reality https://…

User Profile Link : Drew Harvell
Drew Harvell

Tricky #Toxoplasmosis...our us cat owners really #crazycatladys? Reality check: Can cat poop cause mental illness? https://t.co/jLILPQ4qyz

Blue Firefly

RT @amusingjonghyun: remember on 2017 love: reality show!! jr: we'd like to do it as well ^^ *one week later* first teaser of love rec…


RT @imMAK02: This is old Video but I am sharing now to give a message ... Amarnath Yatri explaining the reality of Kashmiri Civilians "I…


RT @0exordium: EXO empieza el día de la manera más adorable y divertida, cómo puedo resistirme a tanto encanto, es imposible. Este reality…

Atta norberth

RT @gunnerpunner: Another thing. If it was “Özil’s going but we’re signing Havertz/Aouar” then that’d be one thing. In reality we’ve got so…


RT @TheAchilles360: #Media_ReshapingSociety It's all pertaining to data mining, detect the victims, targeting and invading their privacy ri…

Me and Him

RT @dhlake1: @Lrihendry @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump @PressSec Obama was the great deporter on paper but reality was he wasted $B's deporti…

User Profile Link : MISHAUN

RT @catholicmystic: This era of reality tv was unmatched https://t.co/Qm9VO3E2BA

User Profile Link : Pamplemouse La Croix
Pamplemouse La Croix

RT @theslumflower: the reality that rattles people to the core is that we entertain what we think we deserve. if your man is musty, you mad…

Black Cherry.

RT @AudreyKitching: I think it’s a really good omen when you reach that point of just not caring about almost anything anymore. That’s the…

C Cawley

@SimplyBeautific @TeddyUKIPClark The censorship is effective because many Remainers think what they are told to thi… https://t.co/aGRxKgDWjt

User Profile Link : Ben Formaker-Olivas
Ben Formaker-Olivas

RT @RtoVR: 'Fortnite's' Massively Attended Virtual Concert is a Potent Glimpse of VR's Future https://t.co/WJwVLrvXkb https://t.co/DyYDlM7G…

Hafizhan Shidqi

RT @askmenfess: [askmf] this is how the reality hit me so hard https://t.co/Ga1MHFeZft

James Renee ♀️

Reality is heartbreaking. 🇺🇸💔🏳️‍🌈 https://t.co/XKadzcn3qM

User Profile Link : Jodi💕

RT @catholicmystic: This era of reality tv was unmatched https://t.co/Qm9VO3E2BA

User Profile Link : mᎽsᏆᎥquᎬ 🔮
mᎽsᏆᎥquᎬ 🔮

Living in the reality I manifested ✨

Carl culotta

@charliekirk11 Clinton had 17 declarations of Emergency and Obama 12. The ACLU and others have selective engagemen… https://t.co/Ze37KVP65f

Jilla Sheik

RT @Roymouni: Not ready for reality 💗 https://t.co/cM567xhgkD


@LewdGamer A fiction that reflects reality- like all those magical girls and minotaurs and... The thing to take fro… https://t.co/B0nMChrB0D


RT @darlenedlrsr: back to reality na :(((


RT @CuddlingKJM: Bunny Trap Expectation vs. Reality #suho https://t.co/0FwI9oOJz2

Harminderjit Singh

@VarunReddy969 I think that is sufficient to prove your opinion is not reality based and therefore incorrect.

Kinda shipping AgentReign

RT @NetflixLifee: We've heard from a ton of fans and we agree a #LexaSpinoff would be really popular. Hopefully this can be a reality! 🤞🙏 @…

Kelso Elaine 🇯🇲🇮🇳

RT @Cayyykes: Twitter is the funniest app ever if you’re secure af in yourself, your beliefs and opinions. You feel shaky in any of those y…


RT @imMAK02: This is old Video but I am sharing now to give a message ... Amarnath Yatri explaining the reality of Kashmiri Civilians "I…

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