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User Profile Link : Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

My family (including Fox News-watchers) sat together and talked about what they think of @realDonaldTrump’s attacks…

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🎉プレゼントキャンペーン🎉 🎁ミスタードーナツカードが当たる🎁 フォロー&RTでミスタードーナツカード1,000円分を50名様にプレゼント🍩 #LNプレゼント 応募方法 1)@news_line_meをフォロー 2)この投稿をR…

User Profile Link : billboard

.@BTS_twt performs at Korea-France friendship concert in Paris with South Korean President in attendance…

rakesh kumar mishra

अकबर लिख रहे हैं नई आइन-ए-अकबरी, रिपोर्ट कर रहे हैं रवीश कुमार - NDTV

User Profile Link : yu

RT @modelpress: GENERATIONS、沖縄で“寝起きドッキリ” #GENERATIONS @generationsfext

User Profile Link : Ironide Community
Ironide Community

[#Ironide] Yooka-Laylee Comic Spin-Off Revealed, Headed to Kickstarter #gamingnews #gaming…

User Profile Link : 固ツイ 薬丸ヨーグルッペ🐮🍑 は女子力高める
固ツイ 薬丸ヨーグルッペ🐮🍑 は女子力高める

@p_____74 ヨーグルッペおるうううう


Lyin Joel is Fake news! "What does this have to do with Compli?" Couldn't have said it better myself!

지민아 키크자

RT @gunijimini: [기사] 같이 있으면 힘이 되는 비타민 같은 스타 3위 ´홍진영´, 1위는? 1위 지민 @BBCR1 #R1BTS @BTS_twt

User Profile Link : (퇴사!!!!!)데인/Dein

RT @yoonjoo_fe: 알몸 >>남<< 드디어 검거됨🎉


RT @gajuknamu: '친부살해 혐의' 김신혜 재심 첫 재판 연기..관할 이송은 '불허'(종합)꼭 진실이 밝혀저서 ... 진범이 고모부라고 말못한 심증만가지만 ...

User Profile Link : Asterisk⭐News💫相互フォロー

採用担当者に聞いた「採用したくなる人」の特徴って何ですか? まぐまぐニュース!


RT @SoccerKingJP: 🇯🇵コメント🇯🇵 チーム2得点目を挙げた大迫勇也「全員がすごくいいプレーをした」 🗣️編集部より 「#大迫勇也 は先発フル出場で1得点。来年1月のアジアカップに向けては『優勝しか目指していない…

User Profile Link : Social Media London
Social Media London

Q&A: Time’s Creative Director on Designing Covers for the News Cycle #smlondon


@strawbsblnd Sadly, yes. On the live news coverage of him visiting Panama City posted on Facebook, there are hundre…

⛈Seeking Truth⛈

RT @FaithGoldy: I understand the censorious @680NEWS (just banned our ads) is now running a smear campaign stating our voters were the agit…

User Profile Link : FCC

FCC News Brief for 10/16/2018 -


バレー女子 伊に敗れメダル消滅

annia 🦋

RT @CCabelloNews: Bazzi Tells Us About The Enchanting Love Story In His 'Beautiful' Video With Camila Cabello via @…

User Profile Link : Tadaaki Takagi
Tadaaki Takagi

RT @sanspo_swallows: 【若さんのツバ目線】ヤクルト、練習量への自信が2位躍進の根拠 @sanspocomより


バレー女子 伊に敗れメダル消滅


RT @CatsTwo_DogOne: 하단에 올라온 여기 한미디씩 좀.😡😠 이재명 오후 4시 아주대병원서 전격 셀프 '신체검증'(종합) (출처 : 연합뉴스 | 네이버 뉴스)

Edgar Morales

Yes, the plague still exists, here's what it's like now in the US - ABC News - via @ABC


RT @YasuyasuClaimer: 消費税 財務省に押された首相 | 2018/10/16(火) - Yahoo!ニュース @YahooNewsTopics 民主党政権で決めた増税をさも安倍政権が強行してるかのような印象操作…

Ricky Ola

Can't believe am nominated for the best pic pose 😀 #news #np #gist

Kucing Hitam

RT @haikalclassic: International news vs Local news

Angela Marolf

RT @Greenpeaceafric: Current food systems have a huge impact on our environment’s health. One way we could change them is to change our die…


RT @CheriJacobus: The man who led Republicans is now saying there are 'Nazis' in Congress

User Profile Link : Miléna Mikaël-Debass
Miléna Mikaël-Debass

The perspectives behind the polls. I encourage you to watch all the VICE News panels with pollster Frank Luntz.

Galaxy Ranger

RT @StexExchangeR: 😋Great news for lucky owners of IOS gadgets😋 Trade anywhere and anytime with our App💰💰💰 Download👇…

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