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User Profile Link : Bill Mitchell
Bill Mitchell

When I hear about all this "third party money" pouring into Democrat coffers and their plans to "flood the airwaves…

User Profile Link : Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star

Do you guys just want me to just sit here and take more mental abuse and lies from people or can I defend myself now?

User Profile Link : Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

I won't sit quietly for @realDonaldTrump's racism, so I took a test. But DNA & family history has nothing to do wit…

User Profile Link : BCK

RT @Ibehotboytay: I push myself every day because I know I can be better.

User Profile Link : Blake

RT @MuenchowGriffin: Movie Theatre Employee: “enjoy your movie” Me: “you too” *me thinking to myself*


RT @MarkiaaG_: I owe myself an apology for all the bs I let slide in my past , it won’t happen again

The Doctor

@00MadHatter First, how would that work? Second, I allowed myself to be captured because I’m intensely curious.

♡ 𝓂𝒶𝓂𝒾 ♡

RT @madrecarinosat: Really sucks I never got to experience pregnancy with an actual MAN by my side making me feel loved and beautiful. But…


RT @ChibiNuffie: Day 15 of #Inktober2018! I felt like drawing Melon, my #Splatoon fan character, for at least one day of the challenge, hav…

User Profile Link : jangmi°frankie 🌈 golden°noona
jangmi°frankie 🌈 golden°noona

I am a part of a new SYSTEM that no one can ever touch. I had to leave society for 9 years to find myself. I had to…

'Existential Dread' Jones

RT @kungfusquirrel: The most sinister thing about all three of these: it was never asked for or mandated. I did it to myself, because it wa…

Aaron Habegger

RT @JackieHillPerry: I think Christian speakers/teachers (myself included) have to be willing to say “No” when asked to speak on things the…


RT @IslamImam: I don’t ask for help, I don’t share my pain, I just deal with it myself because I dont want to seem weak to anyone. I’m stru…


i already broke a promise of not seeing myself in a negative light... guess what its been 3 days and i've already broken the rule HEHE


RT @shannie_emm: *feels myself slipping back into a state of depression* Me to me:

Norberto Ayala

RT @cloutboyjojoo: i’m gonna make myself the 1st person to sIip and faII in an onIine store.


RT @kalvzr: i asked sarah to draw me some symbrock fluff but shes a stone cold binch so i gotta do it myself smh

User Profile Link : Unholybunbun

@Gmightyguin ...i scared myself into thinking I worked today.... And I don't.

Devin Cook

RT @ochocinco: I’ll beat T.O. the fuck up, take his jacket & induct myself again. #RNS

User Profile Link : Zombiewayix 🏳️‍🌈🐈
Zombiewayix 🏳️‍🌈🐈

@SachiCantTech What if I end every sentence with that myself


RT @MuenchowGriffin: Movie Theatre Employee: “enjoy your movie” Me: “you too” *me thinking to myself*


RT @lesbianspadme: people who have themselves as lockscreen ????????????????????????????????????? bitch?????????????? i can't even look mys…

User Profile Link : Shrinee

RT @sirensong1208: I will drape myself in the dreams of my hidden thoughts And perhaps I will find what I have been longing for

Ryan Kangas

RT @kangasroo: for halloween i’m going to wear a pantsuit and call myself the first woman president

User Profile Link : ノウルス ◓⃙ NOURS 🐻
ノウルス ◓⃙ NOURS 🐻

@Freeletics Finally I pushed myself and smashed my Pb of last week haha 👊🏻✨


RT @xc8lyn: ariana grande literally lost 22 fans at a concert last year, lost her ex boyfriend, and now just broke up with her fiancé... my…

User Profile Link : Queen Jamie's Bitch Boy
Queen Jamie's Bitch Boy

RT @QueenJamie15: Just hurt myself earlier today. Who's $ending to make your #Queen feel better? #findom #efdp #femdom #BBR #clumsygoddess…

Estefańia Bucardō 🇭🇳🇳🇮

RT @velmawithagun: boys b like yea i treated u like a goddam mother fucking dumpster but i didn’t do it consciously and i forgive myself so…


ok but my style is more like let me hold the waze by myself so that i can know instead of people pegang lol

User Profile Link : anjely

RT @xc8lyn: ariana grande literally lost 22 fans at a concert last year, lost her ex boyfriend, and now just broke up with her fiancé... my…

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