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Oriol Junqueras 🎗️

"I consider myself a political prisoner” The New York Times https://t.co/DArTAOLsA0

User Profile Link : Pastor West
Pastor West

tbh I killed my own happiness at such a young age by loving someone more than myself.

User Profile Link : Andrea Russett
Andrea Russett

i’m so over having to hang out w myself 24/7

tay 🐉

I gotta start taking care of myself like I use to..I was always so soft and smelled like cocoa butter 🤧

Keith Tan

RT @wuzg0od: me reminding myself that i’m a bad bitch after crying https://t.co/N1ygaS4NCQ

Chotchken Giminy

I'm not interested in giving up on society by slowing down on my political organizing. I'm not interested in giving… https://t.co/HOQYJ4zQ5r

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Lyssa 🍯

RT @wuzg0od: me reminding myself that i’m a bad bitch after crying https://t.co/N1ygaS4NCQ

User Profile Link : CrimsonRose 🌹
CrimsonRose 🌹

For once, I need to treat myself. 😞


Honestly speaking, a smiling pic of myself always cheers me up !!


RT @qwerty_d4ve: Have you already found someone that will replace your ex ? — i found myself https://t.co/V8dWD6MHbx

User Profile Link : The Camera Titan 🇬🇩
The Camera Titan 🇬🇩

RT @MABIN2_: I love myself way too much to settle in life. Compromise where necessary but never settle.


RT @auuudumb: i edited this picture of myself while i was pretty h*gh last night and wow https://t.co/sJXBwPap3Q

User Profile Link : link's gay awakening
link's gay awakening

not to out myself as watching crap whilst i bleach my hair, but im actually screaming at the age of everyone on shi… https://t.co/uRCInuxF59

User Profile Link : becca

surrounding myself with the right people puts me in the BEST mood 😁

User Profile Link : babygirl

maybe i should just kill myself.

poorbit for lyfe 💖

RT @sunreum: GIRL GROUP KPOP COLOR PALETTE CHALLENGE! have your followers send you a number/group and draw something using only those color…


RT @drytexting: i owe myself the biggest apology for putting up with shit i don’t deserve.


RT @DJSPEEDSTA: I spent the afternoon in The Vaal, we’re in feb. that’s twice this year so far. Feels good! When I went home for a funeral…


RT @Horny_Mia: I love being home alone, I can moan as loud as I want and finger myself wherever i want 😏

JTM Sister 😇

RT @xxxbranicka: I HAAAATE how big my heart is.......like someone could hurt me and I’d let myself feel the hurt before I’d let them feel b…


RT @ayanna_suggs: i got to college and started rewarding myself for literally anything. Like ik i just failed this exam but imma treat myse…

💕The Catradora Queen💕

Happy I was able to get myself this!! ♥️ https://t.co/yVoL2Zh9i2

User Profile Link : ビジネス書売れ筋情報

10位『学びを結果に変えるアウトプット大全 (Sanctuary books)』(樺沢紫苑/サンクチュアリ出版) https://t.co/HgKDaNqm7a Previously I armed myself with hu https://t.co/FzQv0Gd7Ui

User Profile Link : Chelle🔥🌈✌

RT @ICONlCBRAT: after venting you ever just sit back and think like “I should of kept that to myself?..”


I think imma go shopping a little today. Get myself something nice

Hannah ♡

RT @ThotianaDaniel: rt to be in “MotherFucking Corbyn” -mbf me -reply if any follow -know where it comes from -be active -have fun • i…

User Profile Link : ebs

RT @CharHamblinnn: My temper really is something else🤦🏽‍♀️ just can’t help myself 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Mariposa 🦋

RT @retroclxtch: Lost myself tryna please others...

User Profile Link : 🌸 Min 🌸
🌸 Min 🌸

I just started myself. That’s when you shit while farting! https://t.co/fCynZxDWAQ


RT @ShadiqJamaludin: I hate myself when I get mad, cause I always end up hurting those around me with my words and actions. Like even thoug…

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