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Nikita Dragun

everytime i go christmas shopping i end up only buying things for myself

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Catriona Gray: I've always taught myself to look at the beauty of the faces in the children & to be grateful. If I…

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also I know most of you are KPOP fans but if u listened to my music or followed my career I'm pretty distant from t…

Northern Nurse Newbie ☃️

After introducing myself as patients’ nurse... “So when is my nurse coming in?” “You’re the CNA right?” “Can you as…

User Profile Link : kitty

RT @JackiieeDavila: I’m truly sorry to myself for dealing w people that clearly don’t deserve shit from me.

Elainna Hilliard

Just watched your h3h3 video @TheRewiredSoul and I totally agree with you that you can tell the difference in his n…

RT @billionaire_key: Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do. Use me for a purpose greater than myse…

User Profile Link : mary xmas
mary xmas

@sIasher_76 honestly me vs myself


Also trying to convince myself to call and schedule a consultation with my chosen artist and get the process of hid…

John Charles Nuñez

RT @swaveyvicc: I’d mess around & pour water on myself to speed up the process


@matt1986wilson @inky_r @inkedautistNI @soundcube I mean I can only speak for myself but I think this could perhaps…

Just Chris, no "topher"

RT @shamus_clancy: Would be a REAL shame if Nick Foles proved a hater like myself wrong by winning Super Bowl MVP again. A damn shame.

User Profile Link : SAKE' SIPPIN' PIMP

RT @lancakes: I've gotten used to eating meals while watching Netflix as a study break so now when I open Netflix my fatass automatically g…

RT @Y2SHAF: no offence to myself but what the hell am i doing

Zacheriah Richards #WBGRC

My goals for 2019: •Be partnered on Twitch. •Be a part of @WorldBestGaming •Build am amazing community. •Make a na…

User Profile Link : HATTIE B

Jada is so alert!!! I call myself sneaking pictures from the curtain while the super staff was doing they work...Ja…


i cant even eat things anymore bc my appetite is gone im just barely keeping myself sane and forcing myself to eat so i dont starve

leana loreen

I went to the gym and target...and I bought Reese’s I’m annoyed with myself.


RT @PLAin_JaNEe98: Alhumdulillah for another day to wake up and make myself a better person.


my baby really has the audacity to cry every time after HE unlatches from my boob. acting like i’m the bad guy that…

lilith 👹

I’ve been single my whole life because whenever I felt myself catching feelings I would cut them off or when I knew…


i’m happy within myself no kap😩


Man I’m a fucking pro at pissing myself off 🤬

thank u, next b*tch ❂

done being screwed with. 💥 only surrounding myself with happiness and positivity from here on out. 😊 so damn homesi…

User Profile Link : Prince_Taehyung

RT @hopieismyhopie: hoseok was literally crying so hard earlier and had me bawling myself, now I'm watching this compliation of him laughin…


yea I agree aquarius is fucking lame or is just that i hate myself so much huhmm


RT @arianaismybitxh: "ur gonna hate yourself in the morning if u stay up late" jokes on u im gonna hate myself in the morning no matter w…

User Profile Link : 빠쿠헨

RT @eternallyixing: Yixing: I am someone who will continuously work hard for perfection, but I am also continuously convincing myself to em…


RT @Evanhtx_: I will never let my girl talk me down into shaving my balls again, I done messed around and cut myself, now I got on one of h…


@Ardent_Swan "You're in a mood, miss Swan." Regina laughed. "I usually restrict myself to wine and cider. Whiskey i…

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