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🎉プレゼントキャンペーン🎉 🎁ミスタードーナツカードが当たる🎁 フォロー&RTでミスタードーナツカード1,000円分を50名様にプレゼント🍩 #LNプレゼント 応募方法 1)@news_line_meをフォロー 2)この投稿をR…

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One kiss is all it takes Fallin' in love with me 🎶

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ninguem pediu meu posicionamento mas irei me posicionar estou exausta

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Doctor contin. After we yelled at each other I couldn't remember why I had been pushed to the point of say, "Becaus…


RT @svmbreame: t’avoir rencontré est la plus belle chose qui me soit arrivée.


RT @8tags: J. Cole’s verse on Pretty Little Fears, this verse makes me wanna cry dawg. Love is such a beautiful thing, don’t nobody sing ab…

present: lorena 7️⃣

RT @OMWTUAN: me tryna distinguish the kpop stan if they are ahgase or not

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@alanrcw elle me saoul ???

Vtc Crash

RT @Tijsx: Hola @unautovtc Esto es lo que pasa cuando le dices educadamente a uno de vuestros conductores que se vaya de la parada de taxis…


RT @simplyqveen_: If I am ever to die, make dua for me. Don’t post pics of me but make sincere dua for me. May Allah grant us all jannah an…

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Alguien que me diga cómo diantres de pierden las tapaderas en mi casa 🤨🤨🤨 #TuesdayThoughts

Andrea Martín

El guiri más guapo que he visto hasta ahora me acaba de decir que soy muy guapa y que tengo unos ojos preciosos, ad…

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Crypto Trading Africa

#Bitcoin has pulled back to the 10 EMA on the 4hr & is also right at support (prior resistance). This would be a go…


RT @WJSNDAILY: [TRANS] 181016 Bona Weibo update (1/3) ✨🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️✨ I know you guys are missing me☺️ The weather is getting cooler, please…


RT @la_biondo: putain c’est trop triste il vient de me briser le cœur

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Oioioiiiii miss na kita :<<< — Miss u too hahahaha jk

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Principios, Jess ✨

RT @neisatweets: Roi me ha parecido super adorable aquí 💚


RT @ElderMcdonald_: So y'all trying to tell me God created Mosquitoes and Cockroaches 🤔 Like he actually sat down and created them 😕

Miriam Haide 🍒

Me siento orgullosa de mi misma por no haber faltado a mi única clase importante de hoy a las 7 am

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Uy hangout naman pag balik mo ng Pasig. I reslly wanted to meet you 😘 — Hala busy

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Young Jalapeño

RT @kidaout: imaginaos por un momento que sois doraemon y teneis que aguantar tos los dias al inutil de nobita yo no se vosotros pero yo me…

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Richie Da Mosster

RT @Goddess_Jazzie_: @_Therealjensy @mossdabigboss I feel so bad LOL having his poor girl with mixed emotions and having me feeling mixed e…

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cute ko — i know <3


RT @bxbbydrake: fui ver o @ crush hoje, dai ele me deu esses mimos capitalistas melhor crush, apenas

🗣️Stream Lil Touch 💪

RT @philiplouie01: "It's kind of amazing! I think it's truly special that it brings people together. It inspires me to become more of a tim…

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RT @VLlinas: Para ustedes, mis queridos trollcitos, que me alientan con sus dulces puteadas, va este #RapDelTroll con música de @321musica…

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RT @MuenchowGriffin: Movie Theatre Employee: “enjoy your movie” Me: “you too” *me thinking to myself*

Sharie Peterson

@ScaughtyMcC Me, too!

A danada sou eu😋

RT @luucas20000: n sejam n!!!!! eu sofri bastante pq toda vez q eu tava esquecendo a pessoa, ela vinha com essa e acabava comigo, me dava e…


RT @ParamodeMedia: My #TuesdayThoughts: Have you ever been in a hurry to your location, only to enter a public transport and the vehicle st…

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