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CNN Philippines

The winning moment. Philippines' Catriona Gray 🇵🇭 bags the #MissUniverse crown in Bangkok, Thailand, besting 93 oth…

User Profile Link : CNN Philippines
CNN Philippines

Catriona Gray conquers the universe! @catrionaelisa wins PH's 4th #MissUniverse crown

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The word "hipster" was used in the 1940s to describe middle-class white youngsters seeking to emulate the lifestyle of black jazz musicians.

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Gabby Brooke

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Get a head start on New Year's resolutions - Aiken Standard

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From creating pieces for her daughter to starting her own business the Eastbourne mum behind Handmade by Naida Crys…

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RT @sitinormimmah: Do you guys know what is Hybrid vehicles ? It's a great choice if you want to save on fuel without sacrificing range…

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Healthwatch Essex

RT @Provide_CIC: The holidays are fast approaching! Are you looking for advice on caring, benefit support, mobility or employment? The Esse…

𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚔𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚜 🌻 no grammy nom no opinion

@thoughtoflexi all i can say is that some of this works on people and on others it doesn't, some people direly need…

nonoy espina

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said “her position is an adoption of the Palace’s stand.” I won't begrudg…


RT @cnnphilippines: Catriona Gray conquers the universe! @catrionaelisa wins PH's 4th #MissUniverse crown https://t…

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Dukan Toucan

This muffin #recipe is delicious! Perfect for your #lowca

Juan Manuel

RT @corybernardi: they can’t. #PCBS

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Paul Castle

Reposting @nickburns616: #life #lesson #lifestyle ##quotes #quote #lifequote #followme #livelifetothefullest…

✈#Kenndravel 🎒 Traveler 👸 Area Manager 🏦💸💱

RT @cnnphilippines: #MissUniverse finals: Philippines' Catriona Gray struts in Mayon Volcano-inspired gown as Ne-Yo performs 'Miss Independ…

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Imsyser Health #marketing #health #travel #amazon #food #fitness #lifestyle #research #mentalhealth…

y̴a̴n̴n̴e̴ ♡

RT @cnnphilippines: Catriona Gray conquers the universe! @catrionaelisa wins PH's 4th #MissUniverse crown https://t…

Raju 1

RT @tellychakkar: Dipika is a beauty in ethnic...Don’t you agree? @ms_dipika @BiggBoss @ColorsTV #dipikakar #biggboss #colorstv https…

User Profile Link : Techflow Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd
Techflow Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd

Techflow Mumbai Conducted a Session on #Healthy #Lifestyle and #Nutrition "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intel…

花野 途夢

RT @twinavi: 学生向けのマネー教育で「年収200万円体験講座」をやってみた → そのリアルな内容に「ぜひ子どもに受けさせたい」「素晴らしい」と絶賛の嵐

Lee Heath

.🇺🇸🤔 If you choose a lifestyle such as you have, a celebrity You Tube what did you expect would happen? Celebrities…

User Profile Link : Healthwatch Essex
Healthwatch Essex

RT @Provide_CIC: Planning a New Year’s resolution? Access our support to boost your chances to stop smoking - Essex Lifestyle Service https…

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RT @inquirerdotnet: OUR QUEENS! 👑 #MissUniverse Catriona Gray snatched the fourth Miss Universe title for the Philippines at Bangkok, Th…

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Bashiru Mansaray

. . . . . #love #motivation #inspiration #quotes #life #success #motivationalquotes #entrepreneur #lifestyle…


「2019 Outdoor Lifestyle Catalog」発刊並びに価格改定についてご案内いたします。 | 新着情報 | スノーピーク * Snow Peak アメド、雪峰などが値上げ。 雪峰買い足そうかなー

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Guy Burtenshaw

How a Greek goddess can help with winter gardening | Mail Tribune


RT @cnnphilippines: From her now-iconic lava walk to a Mayon Volcano-inspired evening gown. Catriona Gray's dress is inspired by the world-…


RT @washingtonpost: Robert Mueller is the most unknowable man in Washington

User Profile Link : maybeℓℓ the exoℓ
maybeℓℓ the exoℓ

RT @cnnphilippines: From her now-iconic lava walk to a Mayon Volcano-inspired evening gown. Catriona Gray's dress is inspired by the world-…


RT @The_Audio_Pimp: Representation of young women in music industry increases by 10%, report says - Aberdeen Evening Express…


RT @king_popstar: Mistakes are necessary Just don’t make it a lifestyle.

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