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queen quen

happy anniversary to the royal family of fondant

User Profile Link : Mesut Özil
Mesut Özil

I’m happy to announce on my birthday, the best present of all which is I have become an ambassador for…

User Profile Link : John Cena
John Cena

Be happy and comfortable with you. Negativity is all around you and misery loves company, if you are comfortable wi…

木洩日庵 *RTや♡は投稿した御本人のホームでお願いします*

RT @artesaniaen: @comorebian Happy day my dearest friend 🤗🌺🍀🦋🍀🌺


#1 YOU ARE LOVED #1 YOU ARE SPECIAL #1 YOU ARE PRAYED 4 Read for yourself Widow Mite Luke 21:1-4 Donation :…

User Profile Link : Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

@whjtesoldier Hi, Sweetheart! My day went so well! I was soo happy because I got to meet my forever best friend. Th…


Happy Birthday ate @sciannequiroz_ !! 👐🏻


happy xyd day!!!!!

User Profile Link : 🇳🇬🇺🇸Minister of Laughter & Comedy😂
🇳🇬🇺🇸Minister of Laughter & Comedy😂

🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Happy 65th birthday, Falcao! Watch his goal from the 1982 #WorldCup against eventual champions Italy here 👉…


RT @STANN_co: Happy Halloween


RT @tole_cover: HAPPY NBA DAY

Ntobeko Sisusa

RT @LuthandoZibeko: I am of course happy for Coach, @Tshidiso_Gaffer & Jimmy 747 Jambo. The next generation of players is in good hands...…

User Profile Link : Marlene 🦅
Marlene 🦅

@CaidynCotton @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan happy birthday ♥️

Ahmer Rehman

RT @paulocoelho: I know a lot of people that are very happy in being sad and miserable. They are alwayys complaining because this is the on…

Regina Valenzuela

@jackaverymusic So happy you got the sleep you needed!!! I miss ur face!!!

Troy Middle School

Happy Birthday, Anthony! #tmstribe #birthdayselfies

blair 🤧🤙

RT @HopeWorIld: If you’re ever feeling sad just remember that taehyung gets happy whenever he gains weight because his grandma liked him ch…

User Profile Link : Ivy followed you as a friend
Ivy followed you as a friend

RT @imcarlanicdao: they are happy without me


RT @ohlalaraisa_: universe, hear me out. i just want to be happy.

User Profile Link : keerthy devotee
keerthy devotee

Here is the bday tag spread max #HBDKeerthySuresh Happy birthday @KeerthyOfficial 😍


RT @BTS_jp_official: [PREVIEW] #BTS (#防弾少年団) JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.4 ~Happy Ever After~ DVD SPOT (


RT @alyinas: happy me is an amazing person.

User Profile Link : lexie

RT @jorgeibarra1123: Happy birthday to the most beautiful, funny, crazy and amazing girlfriend in the world you’re the best girlfriend I co…


@BTS_twt Happy hapoy happy belated birthday oppa Jimin........... Im sorry for the late great..... More candles to…

User Profile Link : Revan Jayanth
Revan Jayanth

RT @i_vijaysethu: Happy birthday rockstar !!! @anirudhofficial 💥💥

User Profile Link : DRWF

RT @sotonDSN: The diabetes team couldn’t get by without our Allied HCPS - they are a huge part of the the MDT! From our fabulous @SolentNHS…

なり みや@モリゾー

南野とセイムロヤの声って似てるー 関西弁なのもあるけど、声質が似てるー

이던's zoe

purple makes me feel really happy REST.


RT @VictorVamas: @HimalayanEcho @RamblingRatz Happy #TongueOutTuesday 😛

User Profile Link : Run Dave Run
Run Dave Run

@DrVxD @LondonMarathon @mileendparkrun I’ll be happy just to finish

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