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Brother Nature

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my friends and I made this short doc titled “These Does Ain’t Loyal” Hope y’all enjoy… https://t.co/kd7W0JSpvw

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Dalai Lama

A sense of contentment is crucial to being happy. Physical health, material wealth and friends contribute to this,… https://t.co/l5ucWtKQjt

User Profile Link : Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino

Getting bombarded with emails and texts from union friends of mine in NY who are pissed about AOC and the Amazon debacle.

nai ✨

RT @RidiculousDak: Me and my friends before doing something really stupid https://t.co/wJ8hY8WNle


RT @xnalanix: having guy friends is better than having girl friends https://t.co/pC0I4SaHG8

Michael BlackΣon

RT @REALJRITHESAV: So tired of my friends ignoring me in the chat... https://t.co/iNCaOGKlzT

Dear Japan samurai

Good manners even between friends. (Jp:親しき仲にも礼儀あり。 Shitashiki naka-ni-mo reigi ari.)


RT @FereshtehAzarn1: our dear friends from all over the world, please protect us by retweeting our twitter hashtags #IranianRefugeesInTurke…

miss nur

RT @ulat_bulu_bulu: Friends : Lets hang out together tonight! Me : But i got something to do at home. Me at home : https://t.co/6szKGymkTn

Yorkshire Lady

RT @sthelensforbri1: The EU will never forgive us for leaving. The British people told a dictatorship where to shove it and the threats wil…

Andres 🇺🇸

RT @IKE_Bucks: We’re giving away an OFFICIAL Giannis Antetokounmpo NBA All-Star jersey All you have to do is: 1. Follow @IKE_Bucks and @…


RT @MePiyushSati: @shashik_ @shuklapalak1 @RssKanishk @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @kundanpathakk @pretatma9 @pandey_indrani @VivekmMisra @Th…

Θεοδώρα Ροτζιώκου

RT @NataliaIonovaK1: good afternoon my dear friends from magical Pythagorio samos island greece !!!!💖🇬🇷🥰💖🌹😍 https://t.co/VTKTiPij0Y


RT @kristof06600: Encore quelques mois avant la plage 🏝 et vous refaire des nouvelles vidéos 💦 #antibes #love #nice #cum #toujoursplusfilip…

wine mom™ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RT @peachydevilz: 45. me after not playing wakfu for like 4 months and trying to play with my friends https://t.co/gyLvAVdRlk

Trish Hrytsak

RT @thevanishedpod: 20yr-old Ryan Shtuka #disappeared from Sun Peaks, BC in the early morning hours of 2/17/18. His friends saw him get up…


RT @prashantkawadia: I never believed in unfollow/Block someone on @Twitter.. But after watching yesterday's cheering of #TheAccidentalTeam…

Holly Shehan

RT @karenslinn43: @Peeperpea29 @ClockworkHamma @Jesus_Luvs_Us @Iluvinspireu @MyEngland2016 @ShehanHolly47 @FRISEEMYRIAM @Jimmysimmonds1 @Ji…


RT @siano2020: "How can I be racist if I have friends who are black?" The same way a serial killer can have friends who are alive.

M A Hobbs

RT @NSPCC: Snapchat lets kids keep up-to-date with friends. But what security settings help them stay safe?

User Profile Link : Bluestar

RT @MissILmom: @Lathenerd @fortressfin @SealeyGerald @heyitsCarolyn @maci42 @debit_mullins @Wblscott1 @American2b @gigglebot176221 @dfalls1…

User Profile Link : konna ♈️
konna ♈️

@arichangrandee Ariana Grande is the best one of my friends and my sister and my family are so proud to be friends with them


RT @itsbrandss: when friends and family that don’t work in a restaurant ask you to run an errand or do something for them on a saturday whe…


If two past lovers can remain friends, either they were never in love or still are...! (Being Friends 1st, Can Save… https://t.co/YID2gVpkW4

V•☘🔸️bts paved the way🔸️

RT @cafe_army: sorry a correction! on the part about “jin hyung” - yoongi actually said “*chin*hyung” which means his (real) older brother.…


RT @iamdaej: when my friends are doing hoodrat things https://t.co/PUH16v1JvI

User Profile Link : zatyzayn

RT @paahh99: Relationships are not only about being someone's girlfriend or boyfriend. It's about becoming best friends who share laughter…

Diane Rivero

RT @AndrewPollackFL: I'm just 100 followers away from breaking 100,000 followers. Please RT me and ask your friends to follow me. If I brea…


RT @sexblvd: It’s 2013, you get off school at 2:15 and head home, you turn on your Xbox 360, you sit down, put on your headset, join a part…

User Profile Link : Alexandru

Friends and family pay tribute to #EmilianoSala at a special memorial in his home region of #SantaFe, #Argentina… https://t.co/4tt3WSLhXa

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