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⬅️세상이렇게기여울수가없음 [선란/디안]

@mirhoop @DIMSUM_suki ㅇㅑ 인간 스프링쿨러는 나 하나로 족해 임마~!! 하는 임지와 아 조까쇼 애가 하겟다는데 어절거여 하는 하현쓰,,, 어느 에유를 가도 이럴것ㅅ이다,,,


@realDonaldTrump Who are you kidding old man 😄 Everyone around you will stab you in the back when the time comes. A…

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RT @StDxBlitzMan: Running back the sky fusion dimsum with my friend flora.... Somehow I think I'm still going to order the same amount as…

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Peluang Usaha Reseller SangRatu DimSum melayani Wilayah Kedoya Utara Jakarta Barat Call 085775330281…

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Marie Kazalia

Mini covered bamboo steamer dishes containing Chinese style dim sum dumplings and green onion inside larger bamboo…

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Tim @ unlimited nap works


💙재선사랑 푸릠❤️

@DIMSUM_suki @9704_DIAN 아 싀벌ㄹㅋ ㅌ ㅋㅋ ㅌ ㅋㅋㅌㅌㅋ이게뭐야 일하고 왔더니ㅣㅋ ㅌㅋㅌㅋ노발대발하는 임지에서 빵터져버림 아 무슨 얘네는 다른 에이유에서도 웃겨


RT @seriouslykyla: SOMEONE TOOK VINNIE!!! Please everyone, if this has ever happened to you, tell me how to get the word out to get him bac…


@Newsweek @FLOTUS is irrelevant

Vicky Damota

@Daisy_DimSum @danieldarkko @Comey No, comey's time is coming, this just seals the deal.


@TheContemptor This is so embarrassing. Seriously, people voted for this arse 😑 #UnfitToBePresident #TrumpIsAMoron

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@andrefebrisyam @taruklebam Hoyong dimsum 🍤


@realDonaldTrump 🖕 You must be the dumbest person alive #TrumpIsAMoron #TrumpIsADisgrace #UnfitForOffice…

User Profile Link : no one else but yu 🦋
no one else but yu 🦋

@marksonbot dimsum? and mandu? i don’t get it xD


@danieldarkko @Comey You must be confused with your total and utter criminal of a President 😄

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little arcadia bitch

@tuanluna let's go to a dimsum place and then a mandu place

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@tuanluna @iwa0isuga omg i’ve never had dimsum

⬅️세상이렇게기여울수가없음 [선란/디안]

@DIMSUM_suki @mirhoop ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ임지존나 아니 그학생은 인셍에 뭐를 잘못햇ㄷ길ㄹ래 일을 시키냐 함서 노발대발할듯


@Comey Mad respect for this man! #ComeyIsMyHomey #TeamComey


@Comey #ComeyIsMyHomey @GOP @SenateGOP He'll wipe the floor with all y'all, you sorry bunch of arse wipes 😄

User Profile Link : no one else but yu 🦋
no one else but yu 🦋

i wanna go to a dimsum place so bad who wants to go on a date

⬅️세상이렇게기여울수가없음 [선란/디안]

@DIMSUM_suki @mirhoop 쫌 양아치같은대 식물 잘 돌봐주는애 보먄 나중에 솜사탕즈 모엿을때 임지한테 야 꼭 니같은애 잇어 한다


RT @kmaniamy: Sekitar Meet & Greet dengan pelakon The Eternal Love 2 tadi sempena sambutan ulangtahun yang ke-2 dimsum . #celebratewithdims…

💙재선사랑 푸릠❤️

@DIMSUM_suki @9704_DIAN 교수요?ㅋㅌ ㅋㅌㅋ아나 고교선생님 생각했는뎈ㅋㅋㅋ교수먼저나왔ㅋㅌㅋㅋㅌㅋ 그럼 외부강사쌤이라 생각하면 되겍다 사실 자세한 그런건 나오진 않는데..걍 궁금했음.. 둘다 알려줘서 고마법!

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The Jetset Foodie

Bottomless #dimsum with @shalinanigam 🥟🥟

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Sunway Pyramid

Lion had a starstruck 😍 because.......“The Eternal Love 2” stars was HERE!!! Come and join our "Celebrate Asia wi…

User Profile Link : 🎄 Bec; #Present:You&Me 🎄
🎄 Bec; #Present:You&Me 🎄

Le llamaba su dimsum...

User Profile Link : 🎄 Bec; #Present:You&Me 🎄
🎄 Bec; #Present:You&Me 🎄

@blackmarch_ Tía que le llamaba su dimsum :(((( me he puesto mal

Take A Bite Oklahoma

RT @kwansokc: This. This is how to properly #dimsum. Carts are rolling until 3pm today and Sunday - come on in! 📸: Joseph Schmidt https://…

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Michael Teh

#facebookmemories #nyc #yearsago eating #chinese #dimsum with the #japanese :) #newyork #ny #dimsumgogo @ Dim Sum G…

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