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10/7/2018 - Today in Top Angular News – Sunday, October 7 Today’s topics include angular, AngularJS, design, 100DaysOfCode, vue, node, react, nodejs, vuejs, and reactjs. Special thanks to contributors @maxim.koretskyi, Max Wizard K, Jeremy Likness, MockupTiger, by Rehmaanali, rehmaanalis, @stephenfluin, Stephen Fluin, @NetanelBasal, Netanel Basal, @ohansemmanuel, Ohans Emmanuel, 726514847387360, Vamsi Vempati, and @dleroari, Dler Ari. Cool Password Validation …

1/1/0001 - this challenge tomorrow (Wednesday). I must admit that I feel a certain amount of professional shame by doing it, but there’s a conjoined sense of need to do so, too. I’m at an uncomfortable juncture in my professional life as a developer. I have a whole lot of years of experience, but I look at job descriptions and I feel like that experience don’t align with them. It’s like that dream of showing up naked at your final high school exam, but you’re awake and it’s not a dream. I didn’t make the right choices over the last 6 years in staying current with the latest technologies and picking the companies that would have ensured the right development of my craft. It’s uncomfortable and unavoidable. So, doing this challenge for 100 days, along with working on my own app projects, is a way to get back on track. Been in my situation? Mentored or known someone who has? I’d love to hear your pick-me-uppers in the comments! Posted in

6/20/2016 - Two days on one! Friday, 22, July 2016 Hi all! I coded today and yesterday, as you can see by my commits. I was just really tired and then didn't post here. So today will be two days ... Older Posts Who is this girl? TATY a.k.a Myubi, Lyuri. I'm a 24 years old something who loves cosplay and candies. I'm always open to meeting new people and making friends :D Find me here!

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